CanmetMINING CMRD&D Newsletter – Nov 2022

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The Budget 2021 Critical Minerals RD&D Program is a 3-year program being led by CanmetMINING, Natural Resources Canada. Developed from the Budget 2021 announcement to advance the development of Canada’s critical minerals value chains, the Program has two key components:


Support early technology development  


Advance technologies towards pre-commercialization via piloting

The Program focuses on three program streams:

► Battery Minerals (lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, vanadium, etc.)

Mineralogical transformation into battery chemicals, achieve battery grade specifications at lower cost/energy, impurity removal/control, metallurgical optimization of yield.


► Mining Value from Waste

Inventory of critical minerals from waste resources including mine tailings and post-consumer waste, process development for recovery, repurpose and recycling of critical minerals.


► Clean Tech and Other Value Chains (REE, chromite, niobium)

Magnet value chain R&D for cost-competitive production REE. Alternative processing and separation options.

For more information please see the full pdf:

 CanmetMINING CMRD&D Program Newsletter - Nov 2022